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November News


Thankful- Thankful for a clean bill of health for Luke! Luke's been released from the doctors and given the green light to keep moving!


New Music- "I need you're prayers, and you need the practice" is a twist on the southern saying "bless his heart". It releases on 11/15. 3 songs in process we'll see what makes this years releases. As of today, Luke has 72 songs written this year, and has 18 released. (Hard to remember the first 5 months of this year he was still in highschool.)


Nashville- We've been to Nashville once this month, where Brian and Luke took a "Cool Hand Luke" line and wrote a neat song! If you've not seen the Paul Newman classic you should.

Oh and we head back on Sunday for him go to write again. Larry Cordle did again invite Luke to sit in at the Station Inn last trip, the two of them are a hoot together.


Shows - 2 weekends in Tigertown and two W's for the Tigers.....?The Esso club is such an iconic opportunity, and last Saturday 11/11, was a blast! Oh and he'll be back this Friday, 11/18! A few more new venues this month and a few familiar!


11/14 - Macs Speed Shop

11/15- Southcack

11/16- Your Pie Dockside (new)

11/17- Esso club

11/18 - Clemson Tailgate iykyk

11/18- Singer/Songwriter Roseland Loft (new)

11/19- Nashville

11/24 -Fireforge

11/15- Golden Grove

11/30 - Keowee Brewing (new)


We're booking 2024 and appreciate any tips and leads! We're are only posting the schedule on the website going forward, so please let folks know, is always up to date, and the place to go for show info. We'll continue to post monthly schedules and weekly shows on social media. But we're trying to keep things centralized, and the information accurate.


Likes, Shares and Follows truly are the life of this adventure, best of all, they're free! Thankyou all for the support and encouragement.


Luke Deuce Music






October News

Since the last news two more releases have reached the IoT! Both Nashville written with Brain Maher, at Dreamlined Entertainment.

Country World

If You’re Gonna Bend the Truth, Go Ahead And Break My Heart

Both are performing well, and we greatly appreciate the streaming of Luke’s music.


On the heels of those will be:

Memories You Can’t Take Away – Luke/ Brian Maher

Sometimes It Doesn’t Feel Like You’re Really Gone “Logan’s Song”- Luke/ Nick / Kent Maxson

I suppose the thing most on everyone’s mind is how’s Luke doing? What happened?


If you didn’t hear, Luke’s was in a single vehicle accident Oct 5th.


His injuries were severe, and his beloved truck is no more. However, Luke is doing great! The first responders, officers, and medical team were all amazing. They even played his music during surgery! Youth, great care, and prayer healed him so fast. He’s ready to start playing this coming weekend. It’ll look a little different, he’ll be sitting, he won’t be carrying sound equipment, but he will be playing and singing the same as always. November will take him to Nashville twice, to make up for some lost time while the studio was moving, and the schedule is full through year end!


We are beginning to book shows for 2024, so let your favorite venues know!


Thank you from our family, for every call, every text and most importantly every prayer!



July 2023

Coming in HOT!!!! July started out with a great Independence weekend! Wild weather from extreme heat to downpours! We were able to play every event scheduled. We also learned some new things about getting gear packed in a hurry! A very big thank you to the folks at the Tiki Hut and their staff for helping in a dire time! Kitehill was a great time as always and feels like home whenever we’re there! We played the Lexington Peach festival on the 4th, and the heat beat us up, but the Wildcards put on a fantastic show despite the temperature! I hope we get an invite next year as well!

We also played for Palmetto Bros Dispensary and the City of Laurens for the first time, and we had a lot of fun there. The Rock never disappoints, and we took the Wildcards. We’ll be back there again August 4th, save the date! Walmart of Pickens invited us to participate in a fund raiser for the Childrens Miracle Network and the Back 40. What a great cause, super cool venue, and we’re doing it again in October.

We celebrated Cash’s birthday at Jocassee Valley Brewing, seems that where we play for birthdays, and love that whole team! Luke released his newest song written for her on that night! We appreciate everyone turning out to celebrate with us!

It was a full house at the Silos as soon as the rain passed! Great time and what a blast to play there! That team is always spot on and makes things run smooth no matter what!

We were off to Nashville on the 16th. Luke and Brian Maher wrote two great songs on the 17th, and Luke was invited back on stage with Larry Cordle and Carl Jackson later that night. (see video on you tube or tik tok)

With the end of the month coming fast, we still have work to do:

Fri 21st – Fireforge G’ville

Sat 22nd- Smiley’s Easley


Fri/ Sat 28th and 29th Wendell’s Dippin Branch!

Thank you to the new Patreon subscribers!

 Remember likes, shares, follows and streams mean the world for Luke!

Thank you!

Luke Deuce

Look for new music in August!

Feb 24th – get your tickets. Luke Deuce opening for Aaron Tippin! Pickens County Performing Arts Center!



June 2023


Summer is finally here, and Luke is swinging for the fences. New songs are being written every week, usually a couple per week. We didn’t go to Nashville this month, but Luke was able to finish up a song with Brian Maher and Jen Stegall via zoom. Yes, it’s another great song!


Of course, his writing with Kent Maxson and Nick Nichols is on track and these guys are killing it! Through Kent’s Nashville publishing company “Cowboys and Dreamers” has been presented to the Yellowstone TV series. It’s a long shot we know, but an honor that it would even be considered!


Luke was invited to play for the VIP welcome at the SC Music Hall of Fame and crushed a solo performance. As a matter of fact, so well, that there will be future projects with this group and we’re very excited and grateful.


A huge thank you to Thomas Creek Brewing for letting us celebrate 25 years with them!

Hops and Harvest owner Donna Garrick not only had Luke in twice this month, but also got him and unreal gift in a Luke Deuce hat signed by Dabo Swinney, Danny Ford, and Jimmy Howard using his dad’s, Frank Howard’s signature stamp, to complete the tri-fecta Clemson/ Luke Deuce hat.

Last Chance Walhalla, Raines on Exchange, Raines on Main, Southernside Brewing, Smiley’s, Silo’s Easley, Growler Haus Anderson, Tiki Hut we’re so grateful for you having Luke out supporting this journey!


The Patreon site is growing! Thank you to all the Patrons. This is an important part of Luke’s future. Musicians today struggle to monetize their craft. Records being sold are a thing of a past, and as important as streams are to the success of an artist, streaming pays a whooping .003 per listen. 28000 streams a month nets about $84. So, again thank you!


Small Town View will be out this week! This is the first release from Luke’s work with Keith Stegall and the folks at Dreamlined Entertainment. Hit songwriter Brian Maher co-wrote this with Luke.


July Releases-


WAFFLE GENERAL- released- 6/15

SMALL TOWN VIEW – releases 6/30


There will be two more songs releasing in July. One featuring the incredible Marvin King!

Thank you!

Luke Deuce and the Wildcards!

PS- Mark your calendars for Feb 24th…….news will be out this week!


May 2023 News


Whew! May! How did that happen so fast!?


I was so very lucky to be interviewed by the Greenville Journal this month, thank you Vincent Harris for such a cool article. If you missed it, there is a link on my website.


The Patreon site is beginning to grow, and I'm so very grateful! I hope everyone is enjoying the "backstage pass" and release previews! If there's something you'd like to see, let me know and we'll try to figure it out.


I got to play at two new venues 185 King Street in Brevard, and Wendell's in Anderson. Both were a blast, but the amount of dancing at Wendell's made it super cool! 


I'm headed back to Nashville on Sunday, to write again on Monday.

That'll be a week to remember, write in Nashville Monday, graduate high school on Saturday! 


Don't forget the annual party on Lake Hartwell is still on, it's just happening on Sunday the 29th this year so I can graduate on Saturday. I look forward to seeing everyone at the shows! 


New releases-


WB4RGO- released 5/11 written for a very special friend and veteran.

BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT – releases 5/18

DEUCES WILD – released 5/25



There are 5 more songs in the works, and I’ll let you know when they are releasing!


I appreciate the likes, shares, and follows, the encouragement and support, and helping make my music possible!

Thank you!

April 2023 News


The last few weeks have been as busy as ever! Another trip to Nashville and another write with Brian Maher. A fantastic song came out of it and I’m sure learning a lot! I got to get on stage at Laylas again and sing a couple songs, as well as talk with Larry Cordle while we were at the Station Inn. I also got to watch Ashley Campbell (Glen Campbell’s daughter) perform Gentle On My Mind with Carl Jackson. There is a video on my You Tube page. The release of “Loud Pipes Save Lives” was so much fun and to be able to play Chrome Night for the release was unreal. The song is about the dangers of distracted driving and looking out for our two wheeled friends.

Speaking of new releases, there are 8 more songs either ready or in process for release from now through July.

5/18 – Break It You Buy It

5/25 – Deuces Wild


The calendar in May is full so please check the webpage for updates. Another trip to Nashville in May and looking forward to writing a lot between now and then.


Looks like I’m going to graduate in May, but I’m really looking forward to everything else that’s going on.

I got a call this week, and have been invited to play a few songs at the opening of the SC Music Hall of Fame inductions on June 3rd. I’ll be leaving fairly quickly to make sure I fulfill the current booked event, and I appreciate Southernside Brewing, moving our start time back to give me a little cushion!


As always, likes, shares, follows and tagging LukeDeuceMusic is so appreciated. Streams and listens to my song on the net, and seeing you all at live shows, THANK YOU!!!!!


Thank you all again for supporting and sharing this journey!


Luke Deuce

MAR 2023

What a month march has been!

I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes, gifts and those that were able, to be there at the Chattooga River Lodge that weekend! I hope everyone had as great a time as I did! The food was terrific, the venue was so cool, but I got play music with some of the dearest people in my life. I’m so grateful, and I’ll never forget it.

Blood Ain’t Thicker Than Lies released March 9th and I appreciate all the likes, shares, listens and streams! Writing has become such a big part of this journey, and I can’t thank Nick Nichols enough. I write at least twice a week, with Nick, Kent Maxon, and yep sometimes dad.

Be on the lookout for more new music, we have three songs in production for release soon, and more to follow.

Upstate Music Awards are April 2nd at the Peace Center, and I can’t say how overwhelmed I am to have the chance to walk the “red carpet” One Night Man is a finalist for best new single, and I owe that thanks to all of you…..thank you!

March Nashville trip was just unreal. I went to Mr. Stegall’s office and met Brian Maher…..look up Brian Maher….wow. I have a co-write with Brian Maher….wow, still seems unreal to say it. Brian was so much fun, made me feel at home, and we wrote a really, really good song! I can’t thank him enough for making me feel at ease, in a world so foreign to me.

I also got to go to the Station Inn and meet the iconic Larry Cordle! One day, someday, I’d like to play there!

I’m looking forward to playing some exciting shows in April, new music, and of course another trip Nashville.

Thank you so much for the support, encouragement and listening to my music!

Luke Deuce

FEB 2023


As many of you know, Luke has been in conversation with a group of people we have referred to as the  “Nashville” guys since last April. Throughout the year e-mails and conference calls have taken place with various entities, but much has hinged upon meeting with music icon Keith Stegall. It’s taken us a few days to absorb everything, and know how, what to share…….


Keith Stegall-

Mr. Stegall is a writer, artist, and producer. He is a CMA producer of the decade. Grammy’s, CMA’s, Gold Records cover every wall of his offices.  The list of household names that he has worked with includes Alan Jackson, George Strait, Zac Brown, Randy Travis, George Jones and the list goes on and on.


The Visit-

During the first week of February, Luke was invited to visit Nashville, and finally meet face to face with Mr. Stegall. I’ve never seen Luke more nervous. It was hard to not be star struck in this environment, and we listened carefully to conversations about Nashville legends. As we settled in, an interview process began. Luke answered Mr. Stegall’s questions, smiled a lot, and stayed true to himself throughout the meeting. Luke was asked to get his guitar, and play. After a couple songs, Mr. Stegall gave Luke some pointers, and played a song for Luke. After the of the song, Mr. Stegall stood, invited Luke “into his house”, offering the opportunity to begin coming to Nashville once a month and working him and his team. After the meeting we went down to Layla’s. During a break, I asked the lead singer if Luke could sing one. He said, “after 35 years of doing this, and that going wrong so many times, why would I do that?” I said, “he just left a meeting with Keith Stegall, and will be back once a month to work with him.” Without a word he walked over to Luke and asked him to sing one. One turned into 3, a Whitley, a Waylon and a Vern Gosdin. An open invitation for Luke to sit was extended. I look forward to going back!


What this means-

The enormity of this opportunity is hard to conceive. Established writers and musicians with number one songs, don’t get meetings in this office. And the line of talent that would give anything for a chance like this, well, we know this is a blessing!

This is a HUGE step in a journey, not a destination, nor an arrival. The hard work that been done…is done, much more hard work will be required from here. There is great reason for celebration, but it’s also time to reaffirm dedication and conviction.

Luke is not “signed” with anyone. It’s hard to know even what that means in a very rapidly changing music industry. Streaming music doesn’t equal album sales.

Luke will continue to play as many shows as he can this year. It’s part of the passion, it’s part of the hard work, and it’s how he’ll fund himself. These trips to Nashville aren’t free!


Thank you-

21k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, 1000 monthly followers, 3 songs now over 11k streams! That’s a huge month! Two new songs will be released in the next couple weeks, thanks to Nick Nichols for the co-writes!

Thank you to everyone for showing up, showing out and sharing!

Thank you to Mike Richardson and Alan Kates for the introductions and believing!

We know He is at work here, and we give thanks to Him!


PS- there’s a birthday on March 4th.

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