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Luke's Guitars

Guitar 1 

Brand :Pickins Guitar Co 

Style : Dread

Year : 2015

Name: Grace

Description:  Sitka Top, Cherry Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, K and K mini pure pickup

Builder: Luke

Guitar 2

Brand: Pickins Guitar Co

Style: Dread

Year: 2015


Description: Sitka Top, Rosewood Back and Sides,

Mahogany Neck, K and K mini pure pickup


Mandolin 1

Brand : Gibson

Style : A Oval

Year : 1919

Name: Neever

Description: Purchased as a basket case, reassembled  and restored at Pickins Guitar Co

Mandolin 2

Brand: Gibson

Style: F Oval

Year: 1923

Name: Betty

Description: Purchased with headstock broken off for many many years, repaired at Pickins Guitar Co



Brand :Kay 

Style : M

Year : 1950

Name: Helen Highwater

Description: With extensive water damage, the top, back and sides on this plywood beauty had delaminated. Over a 9 month period, molds and an overhead clamping system were build and used to reconstruct this instrument. 

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