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My Songs.

What If I'd Try- Luke Deuce

Everyday I wake up and a day goes by

I wonder, what if I'd try

I wish I could go back, turn the hands of time

Maybe straighten out these tracks in my mind

Everyday I seem to let the time slip by

That's when people start to ask how and why

People are telling me step up and stop wasting time

And get out there and start to try


But now time has struck me from behind

Got to step and be a man, prove my family right

Got to be the best me that I can

And stop asking myself what if I tried

Well daddy gave to that old 1500 hand me down

And I didn't know what to say as I drove it around

Now I see that Dad trusts me a lot

I've got to step up and be a man if I want to keep what I've got



Well I better get a grip on that neck

'Cause I'm gonna play this guitar til I take my last breath


Writing Between the Lines- Luke Deuce

I was raised to be kind, to keep others in mind

That actions speak louder than words

I don't say things out loud, keep low in the crowd

I write here between the lines

I'm not saying I'm right, but I feel things inside

And no longer speak out my mind

This ain't an outlaw decree, but its burning in me

So I'm writing between the lines

I've served some time, put it all on the line 

I know, that freedom ain't free

From cities and farms, my brothers in arms

Letters home written between the lines

I'm not so full of pride, I can't put things aside

How 'bout you meet me halfway

I don't say what I feel, so don't make it a big deal

I wrote it between these lines

In a thousand dollar suit, sits the man on the news

Think's he's owed by a guy wearing boots

I'm through choosing sides, both are packed full of lies

That's what I'm writing between these lines

I work in a plant, where there's plenty of hands

Folks helping folks hitting hard times

They stand without fail, sure as the mail

Not a rule, it's written between the lines

And the cot of my soul, has been paid for I'm told

I know that you'd rather not hear

But before breaking bread, I always lower my head

It's written between these lines

The last thing I'll say is I long for the day

To speak what I keep inside

But I can get along, let my heart fill with song

And I'll write it, between these lines

That Drive- Luke Deuce

There ain't nothing like a winters day

When those rainy roads just carry you away

On That Drive

Speakers playing them ole country songs

low and clear the whole way home

On That Drive


But there's always time

When you want to take a ride

But time keeps on flyin by

On That Drive

There ain't no destination that you have in mind

All you've got is time 

On That Drive

Eyes locked on to the road

As you let those feelings flow

On That Drive


There's always a time

When you're looking back into your mind

At the years that have flown by

On That Drive


51 Weeks- Luke Deuce

The last 51 weeks , just marked another year

With no expectations, I watched you grab a chair

Hoping you'd kill some time and hear me sing

The last 51 weeks have been like all the rest

I stick to my routine, cause for that's best

I tried to make you look by singing Cover Me Up


Two weeks later, I'm still head over heels

Still half drunk on how true love feels

Nothing else really matters, once you know how true love goes

For 51 weeks, life's been just the same

Not even sure you'll remember my name

Jack said "parties over, you gotta go on home"


Two weeks later, I'm still head over heels

Still half drunk on how true love feels

Nothing else really matters, once you know how true love goes

New Boots On- Luke Deuce

There's a barn up in those hills

Where fiddle tunes are played

And I'd dance with you, that whole night away

With your new boots on

There's a candle on the table

At a table set for two

Your smile and eyes across from me

I wouldn't know what to do

But, I'd tell you where I'd take you in those boots


So many places that I want to go

Take to a movie or maybe even one of my shows

I want you to wear those boots wherever we may go

I just thought that you should  know

I just thought that you should know

Sitting on my tailgate watching the stars

Just me and you being real because that's who we are

If I could use my words I'd tell you all the things I feel

And I'd tell you where I'd take you in those boots


August In September- Luke Deuce

I met her in September

August was her name

She paid me no attention

Though my heart was racing like a train

Held her her up lose to me

Put her head upon my chest

Knew she heard my heart beating

Louder than the rest


August every night

When my head down I do lay

I hope my eyes do see you

When I great each new day

August I'll see you in September

I asked her if she loved me 

As she looked into my eyes

I'll never forget sweet August 

On that September night

I said August will you love me

Will you love me til the end

WIll you stay right here beside me

And be my best friend


Empty- Luke Deuce


Never really thought I'd feel like this

Summers all but over and its you I miss

Holding on to the memory of our last kiss

It don't fill the hole inside of me, its just emptiness

Try to focus on my music hoping I'll go far

All of these emotions wondering are

Trying to turn into songs, that'll heal my heart

Inside I'm just as empty as the hole my guitar


I've got another show, another chance to play

I get up on this stage hoping I'll escape

The crowd here was great, and I'll get paid

But my hearts still beating to the music that we made



Most days it's just the motions, that help me move along

I've got to stop worrying about what went wrong


The Day Before I Met You- Luke Deuce

I've spent most of my life

In bars acting older than I am

A jar full tip has kept money, in my young hands

Keith Whitley, Strait, and Travis

They've all shaped my heart

That was the day before I met you

Then y world got a brand new start

I watched from a distance

Amazed by all you are

People see your talent, but all I see's your heart

If I hadn't been lost, I'd never been found

Like the day I first held your hand 

I changed without a sound

No one knows the future

I'm not looking too far ahead

Careful steps that I'm taking

To get me where I've been led

Each moment I spend with you

I hold as gift, my lifes been so much better

Than the day before we met

This crowd and these six strings

They don't fill me with fear

Nothing makes me nervous 

Than when you are near

This songs a way of telling you, simple things like this

Everyday's been great since I met you

But nothing like the day since that kiss

No one knows the future

I'm not looking too far ahead

Careful steps that I'm taking

To get me where I've been led

Each moment I spend with you

I hold as gift, my lifes been so much better

Than the day before we met

Your Song Makes My Heart Beat- Luke Deuce

You knw we've ben friends for awhile

Always seem to make each other smile

We always have so much fun

Singing songs in the summer sun

You know I'd crawl a hundred miles

To see those eyes and make you smile

Now you're going far away

Still I've got so mush to say


I don't care what nobody tells me

Hanging with you is my new favorite melody

It's like a song that I keep on repeat

Cause your song makes my heart beat

So many songs I could sing about you

I can't seem to say what I want you to hear

Still I hope you'll get the message

SO you can hear all the tings I feel


Waiting- Luke Deuce

I've been searching a long time

Just watching as time flies by

I've been sitting here all alone

Just hoping my heart will find a home

I didn't know what love was like

Until your beauty filled up my sight

I don't know where you hid your wing

But you healed my heart  and made it sing


I told you that I'd been waiting

For you to come into my life

I didn't think it could happen

Your love filled the hole I had inside

Sitting on that front porch with you

Talking about all the things we used to do

While we were talking about the past

I kept hoping to make this moment last


As the days keep going by

I'm afraid to close my eyes

Still amazed by all we've seen 

Hoping there's no end to this dream

I See- Luke Deuce

I see you from the stage

Singing along to every song I  sing

And I know when this night is over 

You'll be right next to me

I see you walking towards me

I feel my heart begin to race

I reach out for your hand

And I find my happy place

I see you when I'm away

On the other side of this phone

At night I still see you

When I'm home and all alone

I see in my future

As we begin to build a past

And I'm hoping everyday

We will build something that will last

I see you from the stage

Singing along to every song I  sing

And I know when this night is over 

You'll be right next to me

I'm just hoping that you'll see me

Gone (a prequel) - Luke Deuce


The filter on the cigarette, between me and the fiery deep

The pain in my broken heart

Is what’s keeping me from sleep

That how I know I’m still alive

Holding on to the love I keep

Trying not to give up on her, when she’s given up on me


Gone like a southbound train

Wrecked me like a hurricane

She’s gone like yesterdays cold rain

She’s never coming back to me

All I’ve got is her memory

Come every tomorrow morning she’ll be gone


I wasn’t always a lover

But I was always her best friend

The romance that I sacrificed is what got me in the end

You can ask yourself what if, until your blue in the face

But the fact is she took everything

And left without a trace




Silver wings, shining in the sun light

Roaring engines headed somewhere in flight

They’re taking you away, and leaving me lonely

Silver wings, slowly fading out of sight.

Ready Or Not- Luke Deuce


Ready or not there she goes

Packed her suitcase full of cloths

And was 100 miles down the road when I got home


Left note there on table

Said cook supper if your able

Cause this cooks all cooked out and son I’m gone



Like the thunder and lightning comes a crashin and it’s frighten

There ain’t nothing you can do to stop that storm from rolling through

So expect the unexpected and don’t you feel neglected

Ready or not your world will come crashing down on you



Like the taxman comes in April

Takes what’s left right off your table

cause ya know we’re just workin for the man

Then the pickup leaves you stranded

Life is cruel and underhanded

Ready or not we all gonna have to make a stand

One Night Man- Luke Deuce


I frequent all the honky tonks most every Friday night

Close them down one by one but she's nowhere in sight

I get offer by the dozen from the dance floor to the bar

But there's just one girl in this whole world

I'm will to take home

I'm not a one night man

Who falls for one night stands

Nothing shot of forever, just won't do

To be my next first date

Darlin' you'll just have to wait

'Cause I'm still crying over someone just like you

We can have sweet conversations, til they turn the house lights

Get to know each other while the jukebox spins a song

Maybe things will get better, one drink at a time

But unless this is forever, then this is the end of the line 

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